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KidSport Edmonton and the Paralympic Sports Association, have teamed up to create a donor and advocacy group with the goal of breaking down social, physical and financial barriers which keep girls on the sidelines rather than scoring points on the soccer field.

For all girls challenged by economic and social barriers to receive access to sport, encouragement to stay in sport, and to experience gender equality.

G2 believes that all kids should have equal access to sport as a crucial childhood experience. Our goal is to remove barriers so that all girls are empowered to both experience and continue in sport.

All kids should have equal access to sport and physical activity as a crucial childhood experience. As Edmontonians, it is our social responsibility to remove the barriers preventing access to sport and physical activity for girls. Equity in access to sport and physical activity is important to ensure girls acquire resiliency, and confidence which will ensure success in other areas of their lives.

Barriers for Girls in Sport

25 years of research demonstrates that by age 14, twice as many girls are dropping out of sports as boys. The Women’s Sports Foundation has identified key factors which contribute to this alarming statistic, including: lack of access, safety and transportation issues, social stigma, decreased quality of experience, and a lack of positive role models.

While many girls face barriers to participation in sport and physical activity, some have insurmountable barriers that need our attention and support to overcome. Specifically, girls from low socioeconomic families and girls with disabilities experience multiple barriers accessing the positive benefits of childhood experiences through participating in sport and physical activity.

‘Girls and Grit’ (G2) was created to support girls who use KidSport Edmonton and Paralympic Sport Association. Through this partnership we are removing the barriers to participation today, so we can collectively create a healthy and active tomorrow because healthy and active kids grow into healthy and active adults.

Let the research speak for itself!

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G2 Ambassadors

Vivianne Forest
Multi-Sport Paralympic Medallist
Jen Kish
Rugby Olympic Medallist

Get Involved

It’s more than the donor dollars; we want conversation, collaboration, and community.

Advocate for underprivileged girls in our community by helping them access sport
Get to know and connect with like-minded women and men in our community
Collaborate within the community to break as many sport related barriers as possible
Educate the community on the gender gap in sports and work together to close the gap

Advisory Committee

Girls and Grit Partners