Where the donor dollars go:

Girls and GRIT is a collaborative fundraising initiative between KidSport Edmonton and the Paralympic Sports Association that empowers girls to participate in sport by removing barriers so more girls can play.

Both groups identified girls were being under represented in their NPO’s and felt the desire to join the movement by collaborating to ensure that sporting opportunities are available for girls who face additional barriers when looking to access and/or stay in sport. Girls and GRIT is encouraging girls to participate in sport by raising funds that will be dedicated to funding KidSport’s registration fees and Paralympic Sports Association equipment for girls, in any sport they choose.

Your support improves our community

What does sport bring to the community? Sport brings people together, providing opportunities for social interaction. It also:

  • Empowers, inspires and motivates.
  • Contributes to higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Creates opportunities for and promotes volunteering.
  • Provides a vehicle for inclusion, drawing together people of different races and cultures.
  • Creates positive alternatives to youth offending, antisocial behaviour and crime.
  • Contributes to social capital. Eases pressure on the health system.
  • Improves mental health and fosters community pride, in addition to directly supporting Edmonton’s ‘Live Active Strategy’ initiative.

Division of Donor Dollars

*60% of profits are directed to KidSport with 40% of profits being directed to Paralympic Sports Association.